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Sunday, July 5, 2009


Rage Against the MachineRage Against the Machine's militant political stance straddles an equally militant sound. Furious riffs churn out of Tom Morello's guitar and dive into grinding psychedelics -- the American music of opposition. But these are the sounds of a culture that is too angry for '60s passive resistance. The wah-wah pedal is a call to action. The urgency of Zack de la Rocha's frantic podium rants are taken out of the riot directing bullhorn and put into percussive rap poetics. Key to RATM's appeal is their fusion of some of America's most political musical movements: the liberation sounds of funk, the anarchistic resistance of punk, the angry alienation of metal, and the urban exasperation of hip-hop creating a revolutionary synergy on all four studio albums. De La Rocha left the band in 2000 to pursue a solo career while his bandmates went on to form Audioslave with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden on vocals. In 2007, Rage were received with open arms as they re-grouped and returned to performing and politicking.
- Marc Kate

Rick RossAllegedly, the real Rick Ross worked with the CIA-backed Contra rebels to secure the cheapest cocaine in America. "Freeway Rick" then turned the powder into rock -- the first time anyone had done this on a massive scale -- and kick-started a crack epidemic that spawned a generation of zombies and corpses. Rapper Rick Ross has spent his career projecting the sort of devil-may-care persona that his namesake would appreciate. First under the tutelage of Trick Daddy, and then on his own, the Miami rapper mixes bravado, menace and drug-land mayhem for nu-crack anthems. On his signature track, 2006's "Hustlin'," he assumes the history of his namesake and claims that "Noriega owes me about a 100 favors." He's into "distribution, I'm like Atlantic/ I got motherf*ckers flying across the Atlantic." The subsequent debut, Port of Miami, was similarly fantastical and fatalistic, proving that tragedy plus time equals a hit record.
- Sam Chennault

ShwayzeShwayze is the result of equal amounts of derring-do and stoner chill. The derring-do bit comes from the emcee third of this California trio, Shwayze himself, a kid born Aaron Smith and raised in the trailer parks of Malibu. One night in 2005, Smith jumped the stage at the Malibu Inn, started freestyling and basically took over the opening band's set. His pluck and skills were not missed by main act Whitestarr, the roots-rock outfit headed up by Cisco Adler, professional man about Malibu and scion of record producer Lou Adler. Adler and Smith started hanging out and, after Smith dogged him for a while, Adler finally brought him into his home studio. The two would party all night and then spend their days in the studio, with Adler laying down beats, buzzy vocals and rootsy acoustic guitar riffs and Smith (newly christened Shwayze) providing laid-back rhymes about girls, parties and summer. The duo later expanded to a trio with the addition of DJ Skeet Skeet and signed to Geffen, which released their first album in August 2008.

KRUMB SNATCHA RETURNS."The vibe was totally different on this one Krumb explains. I wanted to show everyone the other side of me" ...


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