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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ben Roethlisberger Named in Lawsuit -

Ben Roethlisberger Named in Lawsuit -
RENO, Nev. - Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a woman in Nevada. According to online court records, a defamation lawsuit was filed in Washoe County on Friday. Andrea McNulty is

NO CHANGE AT THE TOP - Sporting Life
There has been precious little to report in terms of action on the world 'pound-for-pound' beat in recent weeks after several high profile fights were either scrapped or re-scheduled. Former 'pound-for-pound' top dog Floyd Mayweather was forced to

Editorial: Watch for bears out there - Greensboro News & Record
With the Triad approaching bear hysteria, pet owners should take care not to let their dogs wander after dark. Small dogs could be eaten by bears, and large ones could be mistaken for bears. It wouldn't do to frighten neighbors and have police or

Chandigarh taxes man's 'best friend' - Times of India
CHANDIGARH: Dogs are considered man's best friend. But try to keep your friends' circle to two, for authorities here have imposed a tax on the third dog you may keep. Also make your pets behave, for you are going to be fined if your dog bites anyone

New gadget translates dog barks - Ananova
Japanese inventors have come up with a device they claim can detect how a dog is feeling from its bark. The Bowlingual Voice, by Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy, analyses a dog's bark and translates the findings into human words. The gadget focuses on

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