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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Inspectah Deck Talks New Album, Cliques, Joe recently spoke with Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck on The Round Table radio show. The rapper shed light on the inspiration for his upcoming album, expressed his opinion on the state of Rap groups today, and even revealed some information on last year's infamous confrontation between Joe Budden and members of the Clan.

"I got a [new] project called The Manifesto," he told the radio show. "I chose that name based on the book by Ted Kaczynski. Not necessarily his way of life, but the name, the Unabomber. I just thought that was the way to come in 2010. To take it back to lyrics." He added that he wanted the album to be listenable, without all of the added special effects.

Raekwon, Cormega, and Kurupt will appear on The Manifesto, which releases on Mar. 23.

Inspectah Deck also spoke on what he thinks is the lack of loyalty and substance within Hip Hop groups today. He compared his experience with the Clan to what he's observed of the new generation of Rap cliques.

"When [Wu-Tang] came together, cliques meant we'd get our ass whooped for each other," he explained. "We went to jail for each other because things got deep. Nowadays, cliques come together just to make that money, make that record. And you can see there's no real chemistry between them. Because 2 weeks [after getting together] they're ready to fight because this [member] is getting $5 more than [the other member]. When [Wu-Tang] came together, we decided the money wasn't going to be what made us. Some of our mothers went to school together and hung out like we did. It made us family before the record."

Lastly, Deck briefly touched on the Wu-Tang/Joe Budden altercation that occurred at the Rock The Bells festival last year. He explained that although the beef may be squashed between the two parties, there is still tension.

"[Method Man] saved [Joe Budden] that night. When Meth had the talk with Joe Budden, [I was] on Meth's shoulder looking [Budden] square in his face and he never looked at me one time. I didn't even care about the situation, it was just dudes was taking shots at the Clan and we were getting trashed left and right." Although Meth claims he received an apology from Budden for a previous incident, Deck says he has yet to receive his own. However, Deck says the confrontation last summer was as good an apology as he will get.

"I got my apology. He could't even look me in the eye, that's good enough for me."

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