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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Dance 2 - EDGE Boston

Just Dance 2 - EDGE Boston
The art of the dance remix has often baffled this reviewer. All too often the DJs who hyper-energize familiar pop songs do so with five or six of the same little riffs again and again. Crank up the "thumpa-thumpas," add some dramatic basketball arena

Drop The World’ Lil Wayne Featuring Eminem - The Gaea Times
Though ‘Drop The World’, a track from Lil Wayne ’s upcoming album has seen the light of the day, the launch of the album has been postponed once again. This is not the first time the release date of Rebirth has been pushed back and the new date

Blige Cries At Dark Early Songs - The Gaea Times
MARY J. BLIGE bursts into tears whenever she hears one of her early hits on the radio - because listening to the emotional tracks remind her of the pain she was going through when she wrote them. The Family Affair hitmaker established herself in the

Ai: Japan's R&B princess - CNN
Ai is an American-Japanese urban music signer and huge star in Japan Signed to Def Jam Japan in 2005 and had a breakthrough hit with "Story" The single was downloaded over three million times She hopes to give Japanese music more cred on

USA Heavyweight Title and a Fabolous Performance - Big Hollywood
As one of the trendiest night clubs in New York City , M2 Ultralounge has played host to many super star performances. The evening of the 27th will be no different. After the victors have risen, Def Jam's "Fabolous" will take the stage to perform

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