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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Even in paradise, the hunting is never guaranteed - Tuscaloosa News

Even in paradise, the hunting is never guaranteed - Tuscaloosa News
AUGUSTA, Ark. Amelia looked around the bitter cold landscape of flat agricultural fields topped in snow. A flock of snow geese drifted over, honking eagerly. “If I can’t find a job in Alabama, can I move to Arkansas?” my daughter asked me with

New exec ready to tackle county's top job - Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Yes, there is a back story of why this female dog is named Fred, but you won’t read it here because it is off the record.) Ferguson starts work as county administrator on Feb. 1 as possibly the least-known person to take the top post in decades.

TIM DAHLBERG: Some reality shows better than others - Morning Sun
Johnny Weir introduces himself to the nonskating crowd while wearing a blonde wig and drinking champagne. That would carry most shows, but Weir does it while sharing a bubble bath with his best friend. Hopefully, the Olympic figure skating judges

'On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow' - Columbus Dispatch
There is something about a deep, blanketing snowfall that seems to muffle every sound. Walk along your street at night after a few inches have fallen. Close your eyes and listen. Nearby traffic, airplanes and even dog barks are muted. But this

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