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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Protecting Grounded Air Travelers; General's Orders: Don't Get -

Protecting Grounded Air Travelers; General's Orders: Don't Get -
MELISSA LONG, CNN ANCHOR: Let's take a quick look at some of the stories we're pushing forward this hour.The Senate health care reform bill. One major hurdle down, two smaller ones to go. Democrats hoping for a final vote Christmas Eve. Just a few

Will Simon Cowell leave "Idol?" More developments - Newsday
Looking more and more like Simon Cowell will indeed leave "American Idol" after next season. For "The X Factor." The NYT got a hold of a brief comment on Tony Cowell's radio commentary - Tony's SiCo's older brother - that said the "press release

Bench Brett? No can do for Childress -
That's the easy way to look at it, which doesn't automatically make it wrong. (And we know the answer: The main difference between those guys and Favre is that Favre won his argument while the others wouldn't have.) We all know that the alleged bad

Elling's Public Links: All Woods, but one (West)wood - CBS Sports
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Tiger Woods is still missing. You guys certainly are not. In fact, the readers are swinging away and making contact like never before, dispatching missives and missiles about Woods in record numbers for golf-related

Chris Henry spoke of his hometown with pride, Cincinnati Bengals - New Orleans Times-Picayune
What was he called by the world? Bad boy? Thug? God had a plan for this bad-boy thug." Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer said the team shared stories about Henry on Saturday night, a day before playing the San Diego Chargers. Palmer said fullback

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