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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Triple C's Fire Shots At KRS-One, "You Stay In Your Genre Of Music - SOHH

Triple C's Fire Shots At KRS-One, "You Stay In Your Genre Of Music - SOHH
From Torch 's perspective, his crew is following the same pattern he did back in the late 1980's. "You notice it's the people that always say 'Hip-Hop is dead,' they ain't got no [money]," Torch explained in an interview. "And to top it all off, it's

Creative Group's Audio Mix Maestro Helps VH1 Pay Tribute to Def Jam - Animation & FX
DMN Newswire--2009-11-16--Creative Group, the industry's premier full-service post production facility, recently delivered the audio mix of the 2009 Hip Hop Honors Awards to VH1, which made the 25th anniversary of pioneering hip hop label Def Jam

Here’s a First: Man Arrested For Not Using Twitter - All Things Digital
Terrifying? Inevitable? Harbinger? In any case, it’s a first: Police in Long Island, New York have arrested a man for not using Twitter. Someone named Justin Bieber, who apparently is a teenage singer, was supposed to appear at the Roosevelt Field

Music Review: Bon Jovi: The Circle (Island/Def Jam. CD) - E-Gear
Did the world really need another CD from the masters of 80s hair metal Bon Jovi? Judging by this new CD, not so much. Recovering from the Nashville-tinged folly of 2007's Lost Highway, The Circle is a return to their anthemic, fist-pumping classic

Janet Jackson Lands New Record Deal Post Def Jam ? - Singersroom
Things appear to be looking up for "Make Me" singer Janet Jackson. According to NY Daily News, Jackson has found a new recording home after a controversial departure from Island/Def Jam last year. Kicking off the deal with the just released set

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