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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The battle over controversial Lil' Wayne film - CNN

The battle over controversial Lil' Wayne film - CNN
In 2008, superstar rapper Lil' Wayne allowed a film crew full access to his hectic life. Cameras rolled as he smoked marijuana, drank soda mixed with prescription cough syrup, recorded rap lyrics almost constantly, toured the world and enjoyed the

227's YouTube "Chili"-Lil Chili' Wayne - Wetter' - NBA Mix! Chili - PR Inside
2009-11-18 05:32:08 - Lil Chili' Wayne - WETTER' - "She rub my back, she say I'm tight !" Lil Wayne - all Chili' hit by Lil Wayne! Listen to Lil Wayne - "WETTER!" * Lil Wayne 'WETTER' lyrics - "Daddy Can you be my daddy !" Lil Chili' Wayne! NBA

Shakira Talks Lil Wayne, Hip-Hop Influences On She Wolf -
Pharrell and Lil Wayne on her latest album, She Wolf, that could change. "[I'm] starting to understand and assimilate and internalize hip-hop music and hip-hop influences, so I'm trying to incorporate them within my own music," she told MTV News

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