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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cocktail Recipes: Ice in Oakland is hot - Contra Costa Times

Cocktail Recipes: Ice in Oakland is hot - Contra Costa Times
"Ice is certainly the most overlooked ingredient in cocktails," advised The Atlantic correspondent Wayne Curtis, who devoted an entire page in the June issue to the unsung hero of hooch. "Ice," he continued, "has typically been an afterthought

Chipotles not for the timid - Detroit Free Press
ANSWER: Chipotles (chi-POHT-leys) are dried smoked jalapeƱo peppers that can be intensely spicy. If you've never tried them, start with a small amount. Chipotles are used in many products, including salad dressings, marinades, mayonnaise and

Sensors too old to check ice - Sydney Morning Herald
ANTARCTIC scientists warn they risk "going blind" to changes in climatically vital polar ice sheets because the most valuable satellite sensors are too old. Long gaps in monitoring the ice sheets that lock up most of Earth's fresh water are likely, a

Baby Food 2: Pea Soup - Moscow-Pullman Daily News
A word to the wise: if you spend an hour shelling a pile of tiny snow peas and carefully boiling them until tender, don’t add too much water when you go to puree them into baby food. Especially if no one in your family is a fan of pea soup. Another

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