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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Suspected killer posted violent rap songs on Web - News-Democrat

Suspected killer posted violent rap songs on Web - News-Democrat
FARMVILLE, Va. -- Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III rapped about the thrill of murder in songs he posted on the Internet. Police believe the fantasy lyrics became a gruesome reality in a small Virginia college town. McCroskey, 20, was being held

Attacks smack of racism - Leaf Chronicle
Jimmy Carter is getting a bum rap. The former Democratic president is being derided for saying racism is the driving force behind the mounting personal attacks on President Barack Obama. "I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated

The Norman Borlaug Rap (Thank You, Norman) -
One of the more unusual (and entertaining) paeans to Borlaug's achievements is "The Norman Borlaug Rap," by Rohan Prakash and friends. Mr. Prakash is the son of Tuskegee University plant geneticist C.S. Prakash . Below are the lyrics and links to

Kayne Opened The Door For Me - Salon
Kayne West and his jackassery have opened the door for me to talk about something that probably is little discussed amongst the trash-talk and ridiculous defenders of West. As a fan of his music, and someone who knew his name before this little stunt

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